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Whether you are a full or part time RV’er or you just enjoy great music, we thank you for logging on to Full Time RV Internet Radio, aka FTRVIR. I would like to introduce you to our family of stations, but first a background on the concept. In 2017, my wife Dana and I made a life changing decision to sell nearly everything including our modest home in Washington State, and travel the full time RV lifestyle. You can read about that decision on our blog page. We headed south to Laughlin Nevada where we are waiting out the winter under mostly blue skies and semi warm temps. This decision meant adapting the radio stations to the lifestyle we have chosen. Country Gold Network became Longhorns And Legends and along with Groovy Baby ir, we hit the road. Early 2018 we launched our third station, Swing Baby ir. A little about the stations. Full Time RV Internet Radio One, Longhorns And Legends, features classic country from the 1950s into the 2000’s. We found that the classics mix well with today’s Texas music artists who are hungry to make the best music without the constraint of major labels in Nashville.  We are proud to have developed many friends in the Texas Music Scene. Longhorns And Legends has been a reporting station to the Texas Music Radio Report, the premier Texas music chart for a number of years.  We have also been nominated for internet radio station of the year many times. We hope you enjoy our unique blend of country music on Longhorns And Legends. Full Time RV Internet Radio Two, Groovy Baby ir.   Groovy Baby was the brainchild of my wife Dana, and I dedicate this station to her. With a wide database of 60’s and 70s classics and hard to find music, we have put together a station that does not crank out a small play list of music like your home town station likely does. You will hear songs you likely have not heard since they were hits or one hit wonders.  From fun surfing classics to harder edge rock, you’ll love the music.  It’s all Groovy Baby. Full Time RV Internet Radio Three, Swing Baby.  Launched in January 2018, Swing Baby reflects a radio format long gone called Middle Of The Road, or M.O.R.  From big band sounds of Glenn Miller and others to soft instrumentals and easy listening music. Swing Baby is a relaxing way to spend a few hours listening to great music with some friends. It takes a village to raise a nut, and I am surrounded by some great talent, from my webmaster genius, Edward Campbell at Sinodatech,, to people in the music industry like Jay Karl Jenson in Nashville, The Greens at BGM Networks in Texas, outstanding promoters. Tami, Roger, Dorthea, Paul, and many others.  Thank you to the artists who strive day after day to grow their brand of unique country music, Texas style. So with that, I invite you to click a link to the left, and enjoy the music.  Full Time RV Internet Radio.”Enjoy The Ride.” Happy Trails Mike Carlin
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